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​​and I’m a  Community builder and social analyst based in Kitchener-Waterloo

Samantha Estoesta

August 2015 - March 2016

About Me

Community Engagement & Government Relations
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Copy Editor

"Samantha is a perfect mix of data driven marketing and storytelling. Having spent time with her on Millennial Think Tank, I can speak to her depth of knowledge and insight. Any company would be supremely lucky to have her -- and her wonderful compassion for helping the world become a better place "

Albert Qian

Product Manager, sillicon Valley

I build communities one word at a time. I passionately listen, analyze, and connect people across mediums.

Quick Facts

I create stories out of statistics, highlighting the real, human elements in data that's driving today's changes.

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community manager

​​"Samantha is a modern poet warrior. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing many spaces with Samantha in the time we’ve known one another. She’s a fellow community organizer and a friend, an exceptionally talented communicator and a dedicated social justice advocate. She has the rare twin gifts of diligence and eloquence: if Samantha has something to share, you can be sure that it’s well-researched, well-thought out and genuine, and you’re certainly going to understand exactly what she means to say. I trust the work that Samantha puts out into the world whole-heartedly, and warmly look forward to working with her again"
Amanda Henry

​Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues

April 2016 - Present

Community Building

I use statistics, methodology, and theory to predict and analyze past, current, and future societal patterns.

Professional Experience

November 2014 - September 2015
March 2015 - August 2015
  Age: 25
 DEGREE: MA, Intercultural Communications
FAVORITE POETS:Maya Angelou, Rumi, Nayyirah Waheed   
Hi! My name is

I breathe communications and community engagement.

I spend my days as the Community Engagement & Government Relations Manager for Mad Hatter Technology Inc., handling everything social media strategy to government-Tech Town partnerships.

I spend my nights participating in Poetry Slams. As a published poet, I have performed in Edmonton, Victoria, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor, and Chatham.  Most recently, I was a feature poet for Edmonton’s “Poetry in the Square” during the Edmonton Poetry Festival 2015. 

I love words, spoken or written, and the power of communication. Ultimately, I am just a small person trying to make big change.

To see some of my past work, click here.

Professional Skills

social analytics